Monday, May 2, 2011

HD Craft! I thought this was 16-bit.

Minecraft is technically a 16 bit game, that being said, you can get texture packs that are higher quality. To all you quality snobs out there, these are the types of texture packs for you.

And now, presenting, one of my favorite texture packs.

HDCraft, by Kris Eike

Cloth: Very nice simple, but with a dot pattern so it isn't too plain.

Nether Stuff: Very detailed, Netherrack is very well done.

Woodland & Organics: The rose/dandelion is very "HD", and the trees are really good.

Other & Misc: I don't really like the sides of the jukebox/note block, but they do the job. 

Fluids/Fire & Ladders: I like how the lava & water look. Not so much a fan of the ladders.

Shiny Stuff & Misc: I like the Iron/Gold/Diamond blocks, because they add texture. I also REALLY like the glass.

Snow: It is snow, nothing special.

Minerals & Stuff: I personally think the lapis block is one of my favorite things about this texture pack.

Redstone: Yep, very nice, clean, redstone

Tracks & Minecarts: Nothing Special

Monster Spawner: Easy to see the animal inside. 

Saplings: These saplings are very HD feeling, and they look good


  1. Overall, that's a great looking texture pack. The only thing is, that redstone looks really, really plain. You'd think they could do more than a monocolor rectangle... but ah well

  2. still waiting for the extremely gritty and ultra realistic textures :P